Short Courses at CSBA in 2019

As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, we delve deep into our wardrobes for our scarves and gloves so we can continue to enjoy the vivid range of autumn colours before they disappear.  Autumn is truly in the air! And as you hunker-down to plan a winter of warming, indoor activities, it’s our pleasure to share our range of Short Courses with you.

Starting in February, next year’s selection offers something for beginners as well as more established painters. You’ll find courses that offer a variety of techniques, some that return artists to the fundamental skills of botanical art and some that provide an in-depth look at certain species of flowers.

We hope you find a course that inspires you and we look forward to welcoming you to the Chelsea Physic Garden, where all our courses are held, in 2019.  

Click here for the full range of courses and apply online here.