Crisp, Clear and Contemporary Botanical Masterclass – Lizzie Sanders
20th-22nd June 2018

Suitable for experienced botanical painters

Lizzie’s background in graphic design and advertising in Italy brings an enviable level of finesse to her clean and fresh work.

This 3-day Masterclass for experienced botanical painters will challenge the artist’s existing composition choices and introduce more thoughtful alternatives to ‘lift’ your work.

The Chelsea Physic Garden in June makes a perfect setting for creating a more ‘graphic’ composition with an enticing selection of flowers in bloom.

£480 including light lunch and VAT

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Autumn Fruits and Seeds Masterclass – Christabel King
11th-13th September 2018

Suitable for intermediate botanical artists 

We are delighted to welcome back Christabel King, internationally renowned botanical artist who has been contributing illustrations to Kew publications since 1975, specialising in watercolour illustrations.  Christabel teaches both here and abroad and her recent book The Kew Book of Botanical Illustration is a must-have for all botanical painters regardless of their level of experience.

Seasonal autumn fruits and seeds from wild and garden sources will be the subjects of this 3-day Masterclass.  Participants will concentrate on capturing the textures of dry and fleshy fruits on paper and explore their structure in drawings and paintings, with demonstrations each day by Christabel.

£ 480.00 including light lunch and VAT

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